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Cinco consejos para elegir la gafa de tu hijo

Five tips for choosing your child's glasses

One in three children in Spain has vision problems. Many visual disturbances can take place without the parents being aware. For this reason, the choice of the perfect glasses is essential to improve the eye health of the little ones and that they adapt to their image.

What factors should you take into account when choosing a prescription glasses for your child? From Óptica Fernández Baca we recommend you follow this decalogue of recommendations so as not to fail in your choice.

1. Follow the optician's instructions. Sometimes fashion or our little one's preferences make us turn a 'deaf ear' to the specialist's recommendations.

2. Lightness , comfort and safety. Make sure your little one feels comfortable with his new glasses. In the case of the frame, materials such as silicone or acetate are recommended. Both adapt perfectly to each face.

3. Style. It is essential that your child identifies with the color and shape of his glasses. This way you will feel satisfied with your image and take better care of your glasses.

4. Protection. lenses are recommended anti-scratch or anti-reflective treatments to take maximum care of the visual health of the child.

5. The bridge of the glasses . The arch located between the two lenses must rest correctly on the nose to also facilitate that comfort.

If the child practices ball or contact sports, the glasses must be suitable and safe so that they can make quick movements without risk.

At Óptica Fernández Baca we recommend carrying out a first visual examination as soon as possible during childhood. It is necessary to educate parents about the different types of visual conditions to prevent the appearance of any pathology in the little ones.


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