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Cinco gafas de sol Persol para hombres

Five Persol sunglasses for men

With less than a month to go before the start of summer, you still have time to choose your sunglasses for the summer. At Óptica Fernández Baca we have selected five Persol sunglasses for men, perfect for showing off a stylish image and protecting your gaze

For those who don't know it, Persol is an Italian luxury eyewear brand, specializing in sunglasses for both men and women. With a timeless style, at Persol you will find classic geometric shapes, aviator frames and polarized lenses. All designed and manufactured to respond to masculine coquetry.

Icons like Steve McQueen have been exponents of this fashion house that today continues to lead the sector with collections such as Typewriter or Calligrapher.

At Óptica Fernández Baca we have prepared a selection of Persol sunglasses for men from which you can choose your favourite.

Sunglasses Persol 8649-S

Persol sunglasses for men with gray polarized lenses. Made with acetate that guarantees protection and sharpness.

Sunglasses Persol 8649-S 95/58 56x18

Sunglasses Persol 3159-S

Semi-oval brown frame glasses of great style. Persol glass lenses are formulated with unsurpassed protection against the sun's rays. A clear example of artistic expression.

Sunglasses Persol 3159-S

Sunglasses Persol 3186-S

This is one of the Persol sunglasses for men with the most fans among the it boys . They follow the style of the brand's oval and square glasses, have a brighter frame color and grey-blue lenses.

Sunglasses Persol 3186-S

Persol Tailoring Edition 3199-S Sunglasses

Sunglasses with polarized lenses, tortoise-colored acetate frame and light blue lenses. This is one of the models in the special Tailoring edition by Persol.

Sunglasses Persol 2457-S

Oval-shaped metallic frame and black structure that sweetens the masculine face. An emblematic sunglasses with maximum protection lenses.

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