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gafas ecologicas optica fernandez baca

Ecological glasses with author's design

Being respectful of the environment and following an ecofriendly culture is not incompatible with having style

Do you want to wear glasses with a special design and created with sustainable materials? Discover which are the ecological glasses , handmade by artisans, with sustainable materials and totally resistant to the passage of time.

100% ecological signature glasses. Made of solid natural unlaminated wood from sustainable cultivation. They are handmade wooden glasses in Andalusia and, although it may seem the opposite, the natural oils used in their production make them flexible and resistant. They are not affected by sweat and are hypoallergenic.

gafa laveta eyewear fernandez baca author
How to clean the ecological glasses from Laveta Eyewear ? It is very simple. With a cloth or mop you can clean the wood and they will polish a little. If after a long, long time, you notice the wood is somewhat dry, you can use a specific wax and clean it.

ECO sunglasses and prescription glasses from Modo Eyewear are the ecological glasses par excellence. The frames of these glasses are made from more than 60% castor beans and use totally recycled materials.
In addition, its ECO philosophy is not only focused on the creation of glasses, but also on other actions. For every glasses they sell, a tree is planted.

eco glasses modo eyewear fernandez baca author

FEB31st glasses are entirely made in Italy and more than 70% of them are handcrafted. They are only produced to order and are totally ecofriendly glasses. Glasses are made of wood, which respect the environment and are ultralight, only 21 grams.

prescription glasses feb31st fernandez baca author

And they are not only sustainable for the creation and design of their sunglasses and prescription glasses, but also in their company policy. 

Find them at calle Santa Lucía, 11 or in our online store.
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