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Loewe, Essedue o Zegna, novedades en Óptica Fernández Baca 1913

Loewe, Essedue or Zegna, novelties in Óptica Fernández Baca 1913

Leather glasses, metallic glasses for men, combination of colors... are some of the special characteristics of the new collections

In spring and summer... without sunglasses you are nobody. And it is not only about protecting your eyes as much as possible -which is also and above all- but about feeling comfortable with an essential accessory that gives identity to your face. At Óptica Fernández Baca we care about balancing fashion and health thanks to firms such as Loewe or Essedue, the latest to incorporate their novelties.

Very soon we will welcome the latest Loewe models. Sunglasses and women's prescription glasses belonging to Louis Vuiton that stand out for the use of leather. A wide variety of colors where round lenses predominate and the use of this material, leather, for the frame.

Zegna also surprises us with its models of glasses for men. Classic design, typical of the brand, but also with a casual point in the use of color and geometric shapes. Metallic glasses, many of them with smoked lenses and in XL size, a difficult feature to find.

You can also recognize some of them by their particular tribute to the vicuña -from which they extract the best wool in the world- through an orange motif located at the end of the rod.

Two other firms join our novelties of the year. Hugo Boss and Timberland have presented some models for the spring/summer 2019 season, although it remains to be discovered... This is just a preview of what you can already buy:

Timberland TB9180 02D sunglasses - 110 euros

Boss Hugo Boss HG Prescription Glasses - 123 euros

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