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Andy Wolf 5042 col.h 54x16 Prescription Glasses

Handmade glasses from the Styria region of Austria have found their place on the international market. Andy Wolf launched his first collection of timeless, modern eyewear in 2006, eyewear that not only meets the highest aesthetic criteria, but also provides maximum comfort and functionality. Although they do not create mass production but luxury handmade items, sales have been increasing steadily. "In contrast to many companies that make eyewear in low-wage countries in the Asia-Pacific region, our products are made entirely in Austria," says Katharina Plattner, designer and managing partner of Andy Wolf. Handcrafted in Austria means that each frame has to pass a series of manufacturing steps and quality checks that make every Andy Wolf product a unique piece of craftsmanship. High quality acetate is used which means the entire process takes several weeks to create the unique frame. "Our frames not only represent style and elegance, but also make you completely forget that you are wearing glasses. The collection targets a particular group of people for whom their glasses are precious accessories, therefore Andy Wolf products They are only available from selective dealers," Plattner says. "Our commitment to excellence has found an audience not just with celebrities but with clients around the world." Andy Wolf will soon be expanding his collection to include an innovative line of sunglasses. The brand is present at all the major international fairs ranging from Milan to Paris and New York.