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Sunglasses Italy Independent EYEYE IS014 RIW001 51x19

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Italia Independent and adidas presented the new Originals eyewear collection resulting from their collaboration announced in September last year. Within this partnership, Italia Independent will develop, produce and distribute the Originals range of eyewear products, starting in spring/summer 2016, with a first presentation at Opti-Munich, one of the most important eyewear fairs in the world.
Inspired by the creativity and expressive street style of adidas Originals, the sunglasses are crafted from lightweight polymer with rubber accents, nodding to the proud Originals heritage.
The collection embraces the core values ​​of both brands, carefully balancing innovation and tradition to create a modern range of sunglasses designed using cutting-edge production methods: bi-injection and high-resolution digital printing.
Bi-injection describes the use of two different molds to assemble different materials, TR90 and rubber, allowing the combination of different colors. TR90, a high-performance polymer used for the external part of the frame, proposes the idea of ​​being light, while being resistant and flexible. On the other hand, the rubber, used for the internal part of the frame, recalls the concept of sneakers and guarantees unprecedented comfort when wearing the glasses.
Digital printing allows for high-resolution details, brilliant colours, shapes and unique textures found on the surfaces of sunglasses. These details are inspired by the adidas Originals clothing and footwear collections.
The temples are fully flexible and have a unique, minimalist design with embossed rubber markings on the side. Plus, durable hinges are fully integrated into the frame and become completely invisible, and the screw heads feature smooth adidas Originals laser markings.
The nose pads, made of TR90, are interchangeable and guarantee a correct fit for the physical features of each market.
Sunglasses lenses offer the highest level of UV protection – they are available in a wide range of styles and are always color-coordinated with the frames.