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Ray Ban RB 7055 5393 53x17 Prescription Glasses


Ray-Ban is regarded as the first modern manufacturer of sunglasses, and is responsible for the creation of two of the world's most imitated sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator ( aviator glasses ) and Ray-Ban Wayfarer . The Aviator style was created in 1936 , developed specifically for pilots and was also worn by all the military, and in 1937 they became available to the public. The Wayfarer has been available since 1953 and has become the best-selling style of all time . Thanks to the cinema , sunglasses as an accessory became widely popular in Western culture, mainly in the 1960s.

Currently, the company produces a wide variety of models under different styles, which make it one of the most avant-garde brands in terms of the validity of its designs, and at the same time allows it to innovate in contemporary ways that keep it at the forefront in a increasingly demanding market.