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¿Cómo afecta a los ojos la luz de las pantallas?

How does light from screens affect the eyes?

Research and reflections by experts continue on how light from mobile, TV or tablet screens affects the eyes. These are some of their conclusions...

There are many hours that we remain in front of the computer screen, mobile phone or tablet. The latest studies estimate that an average of six hours a day. Although it has not been proven that this causes damage to the retina, it has been associated with worse vision development.

Scientific research indicates that excessive exposure means worse development in children. These spend an average of five hours in front of the screens according to the latest research carried out by the Association for Communication Media Research (AIMC). In the case of children under five years of age , the blue radiation emitted by screens can anticipate pathologies such as myopia since the ocular apparatus is still in the maturation phase.

It has also been shown that screens cause eye fatigue, generating dryness, blurred vision, headache...

Another of the negative effects is the affectation to sleep patterns . It is not recommended to spend a little while checking Instagram or reading the latest news of the day before bed. The reason? Our circadian cycle is prepared to wake up with sunlight and sleep when the sun goes down, which is why our brain does not correctly process the blue light emitted by screens and affects the sleep cycle.

For those who already have prescription glasses, one of the best prevention options is the use of Blue Control lenses, an anti-reflective treatment that neutralizes part of the harmful blue light emitted by flat screens, reducing glare and protecting us from adverse effects.

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Recommendations to prevent how light from the screen affects the eyes:

1. Have the electronic device at an average distance from the eyes of approximately 25-30 cm depending on the size of the screen.

2. Lower the lighting level of the screen.

3. It is recommended to make frequent interruptions or use artificial tears.

4. When you get up in the morning, do not use your mobile or computer immediately. Wait at least 10 minutes.

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