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Cómo evitar las gafas empañadas

How to avoid foggy glasses

The use of anti-fog or adjusting the mask to the face are two perfect tricks to avoid fogged glasses.

The mask has become an inseparable element in our day to day. However, the combination "mask and glasses" can cause a cloudy lens effect that reduces visibility. What is the technique to avoid this uncomfortable result?

The best option is the use of an anti-fog product. With a small amount of product on both sides of the lens, you will eliminate the mist that occurs when wearing the mask and breathing through the nose. Then do not forget to clean them gently with a chamois.

Remember! Anti-fog is an easy and quick solution, it does not affect the transparency of the lenses or damage them. Its effect can last up to a week.

The anti-fog is a product well known by fans of mountain biking or practicing other outdoor sports.

Along with the anti-fog, which you can now purchase at Óptica Fernández Baca, we recommend using masks with a vertical seam as they adapt better to the face.

Another tip to prevent the air from escaping upwards is achieved by better adjusting the mask to the face, for example crossing the rubber bands at the level of the ears to fit it to the chin and nose.

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