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Lentillas Fernández Baca

Contact Lenses Fernandez Baca

You can now easily renew your contact lenses with your Fernández Baca contact lenses by sending a WhatsApp to 640857541 or an email to

Do you prefer daily or monthly replacement lenses? With Fernández Baca contact lenses you can choose your most comfortable option and subscribe to our automatic service to receive them without having to request them each time.

Fernández Baca monthly disposable contact lenses stand out for their high oxygenation, comfort and constant hydration. They are ideal to use for many hours since they maintain a natural wettability without the need for external treatments. Its exclusive silicone hydrogel material allows more oxygen to pass to the cornea and makes them healthier.

We also have contact lenses for daily use to correct pathologies such as myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia. These silicone hydrogel lenses stand out for their high water content and make the eyes look whiter and brighter.

Enjoy the health benefits of a fully customized disposable contact lens! At Óptica Fernández Baca we will explain how to place them, how long you can use them, hygiene advice on their use, how to clean them... and everything you need to know for their correct use.

If you want more information about Fernández Baca contact lenses, you just have to send an email to or a WhatsApp to the phone 640857541 .

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