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Gafas de moda para una boda de ensueño en 2019

Fashion glasses for a dream wedding in 2019

Do you already have a date for the big day but you don't want to give up wearing your prescription glasses or completing your wardrobe with the trendy sunglasses of 2019? Óptica Fernández Baca and La Gioconda Novias are the perfect pairing for an outfit to your liking

Design the most original invitations, combine the menu to suit the taste of the guests, wear the perfect dress or morning suit... Organize a wedding It implies thinking about thousands of details to make the wedding a dream day. Some of them are essential so that the outfit of the great protagonists of the meeting is ideal and that both feel comfortable and sure of themselves. One of those keys is to wear fashionable glasses that enhance the look or protect from the sun.

These are some of the trendy sunglasses and prescription glasses of 2019 for brides and grooms who do not want to give up wearing an elegant or modern frame on their big day. Fendi, Tom Ford or Gucci are the firms that reign in the universe of weddings and each of them can be associated with a style or oufit according to the personality of the couple themselves.
These graduated Gucci glasses are one of the favorites at Óptica Fernández Baca for a romantic bride with a traditional touch. Pearly white, with a frame with a retro structure, these elegant glasses from the Italian house are made of acetate and include the classic GG icon in metal. But, what is the most suitable outfit for this prescription glasses?

The team at La Gioconda Novias , a bridal, party and bridesmaid dresses boutique, affirms that it is ideal for brides with an original look, who wear natural make-up and hair in an up-do that makes a difference.

prescription glasses gucci optica fernandez baca 1913

Although it may seem otherwise, sometimes the sun is one of the fiercest enemies for brides if the wedding is held outdoors. Even more so in the summer months. Protecting eye makeup or simply making your protagonist move lightly is much easier if you choose sunglasses that match your style. That is what Fendi thought of when creating this RIBBONS AND PEARLS model with a round shape and metal structure. The glasses are defined by their gradient lenses and pearl motifs that complete this spectacular design of the firm and make it one of the fashionable glasses of 2019.

fendi optica fernandez baca 1913 sunglasses

Tom Ford is another of the brands with the widest variety of prescription glasses and sunglasses designed for a contemporary marriage and a modern wedding couple. Prescription glasses with a metal structure and a beautiful butterfly-shaped design are one of the jewels in the crown of the fashion firm. The Tom Ford TF5518 glasses have Tom Ford's signature features, including the T on the side of the glasses for a stylish finish.

And not only the bride has the opportunity to enjoy these unique pieces to show a special look and let the magic of the moment pass through. Tom Ford Rupert TF674 is the unisex model with a traditional twist. Dark havana polarized glasses with gradient blue lenses.

Elie Saab is the pinnacle of glamour. If what you like is luxury, this is the ideal sunglasses. You will find it in Óptica Fernández Baca. This time it is a frame with geometric shapes, made of metal, Zeiss polycarbonate lenses and, most importantly, Swarovski crystals decorating the frame. Extreme lightness for a bride who follows the latest in looks.
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