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Gafas graduadas y gafas de sol para niños

Prescription glasses and sunglasses for children

To protect the eye health of the little ones in the house, it is necessary that they wear sunglasses for children or prescription glasses in the event that they have a vision problem.

Just as we protect the skin or hair of the little ones in the house, it is also essential to protect their eyes. Wearing sunglasses for children or sunglasses for babies is a must that you must comply with both in summer and winter.

Ultraviolet rays harm the eye health of minors and it is important to prevent them by using guaranteed glasses that filter 100% of UV. Do not make the mistake of buying the glasses in markets or stores without guarantee thinking that it is a toy or an accessory. You don't see it!

The eyes of children under 12 years of age are especially sensitive to radiation . The lack of protection can cause inflammation or burns that affect the medium and long term.

Children are more exposed to this possible by spending more time outdoors than an adult, one more reason to take preventive measures.

The question many parents ask is… can I find nice sunglasses for my son or daughter? The answer is yes. Today health and fashion have come together, resulting in very aesthetic and fun collections like the latest from Stella McCartney . Heart-shaped, geometric or circular sunglasses for children. Vivid and fun colors like red, pink or blue.


It is not only important to wear sunglasses for children, but also prescription glasses . When we identify that the little ones in the house do not see well, it is necessary to go to the doctor or optician so that they can identify the eye pathology they suffer from and how to correct it.

Visual problems are responsible for about 30% of school failure . This is a very common symptom to detect that minors do not see well. If you wink when you watch TV or get too close to your books or computer, you may also need an eye exam.

It is essential to visit the ophthalmologist or optician for a complete review from the age of 4 , especially if there is a history in the family.

Although it seems not, there are fully adapted junior prescription glasses to combat any disorder from the beginning.

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