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Por qué usar gafas progresivas o 'progresivos'

Why wear progressive or 'progressive' glasses

These are some reasons why we say yes to the use of glasses with progressive lenses

The first question that we must answer before starting to talk about progressive glasses is to know what they are and why we should use them. The so-called 'progressive' allow you to see with total sharpness and clarity near, far and also in an intermediate vision area.

If you suffer from presbyopia, myopia or hyperopia, you no longer have to suffer the hassle of using two different glasses to solve it. Progressive glasses use a single lens with special characteristics typical of advanced optical technology. There are all kinds of opinions regarding the choice of progressive lenses over other options such as single vision or bifocal glasses. What are really the advantages of wearing progressive glasses?

comfort .

They are the most complete glasses. The design of the lenses allows you to see at different distances and focus correctly. After carrying out an adequate graduation to obtain personalized parameters, the glasses are adapted. Thus, the lower part is suitable for near vision, the upper part corrects far vision and the middle zone between the two allows for improved vision for intermediate distances.

Goodbye image jump.

Progressive glasses eliminate a problem known as "image skipping," which can occur with bifocals. It is what we commonly identify as a small lens or step within the lens itself.


Although they are famous for being expensive or not very accessible, it is necessary to take into account that this type of glasses offers several solutions in one. With a progressive glasses we avoid having to invest in several glasses for far and near.

No 'dizziness'.

Many times we have heard about the difficult adaptation to progressive glasses... mistake! The evolution of this type of optical technology now allows a very smooth and completely natural transition between graduations. What it does require, like any other glasses, is an adaptation period.

Lens type.

At Óptica Fernández Baca 1913 y Autor we use top brand lenses to which we also add other anti-reflective, hardening, Clean Coat and protection filters against blue light from screens, which are so harmful to our eye health.


It is essential to go to an optical professional so that the result is perfect. Find out a little more about the different visual defects that we can suffer and consult all the tests that you can perform in our optics.

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