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¿Hace calor? Consejos para maquillarte en verano

It's hot? Tips for makeup in summer

Guide to make up in hot weather by hand. Write down these tips for makeup in summer

The make-up artist Inés Vega explains step by step the keys to applying make-up in summer or at any time when the heat returns unexpectedly. And if you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, these recommendations are adapted so that the result is perfect. Very attentive to these tips for makeup in summer.

The first step you should follow when putting on makeup in hot weather is good skin preparation. Use a fast-absorbing, water-based moisturizer followed by a primer to help extend makeup wear and delay the appearance of shine. It also helps delay the mark that glasses leave on the bridge of the nose . Any recommendation? NYX Cosmetics shine killer makeup primer.

Once you apply the foundation, you must carefully seal it with translucent powder to prevent it from moving and eliminate unwanted shine. Of course, do not use too much as you will end up with a stiff effect that is not flattering. Any recommendation? Translucent HD finishing powder by NYX Cosmetics.

Another tip for putting on makeup in summer and that can help you keep the high temperatures at bay is to apply a makeup fixing spray and if, in addition, it has a mattifying finish, even better. Spray at the end of the makeup about 20-25 cm from the face. Apply throughout the day when shine appears. Any recommendation? Setting Spray Matte by NYX Cosmetics.

An ally that you should always carry in your bag: mattifying papers that absorb oil and can be applied to the face at any time. And if you wear sunglasses, even better. Any recommendation? Blotting Paper by NYX Cosmetics.

And for the eyes? When applying makeup to your eyes, it is essential to use an eye primer, whether you wear glasses or not . This increases the intensity of the color that, in most cases, is lost behind the lens. It also increases the duration of the shadows and prevents hooded eyelids. Any recommendation? NYX Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer.

It is important that the eyebrows are well defined . With this you frame the look more so that it does not get lost behind the frame. The ideal is to use a pencil that helps fill in the gaps, outline them and then use a special mascara for eyebrows that leaves the shape and hair intact.

Finally, it is advisable to use waterproof or water-resistant products , since they are also resistant to humidity and heat.

If you want to know more and find out more makeup tips for any time of the year, do not hesitate to contact Inés Vega Professional Makeup Artist on her Instagram profile @ines_vb or through Óptica Fernández Baca

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