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MODO y ECO, lo nuevo en gafas ecológicas

MODO and ECO, the new ecological glasses

In the world of ecological glasses, MODO is one of the undisputed leaders. Elegant, light, resistant... and, above all, based on respect for nature and solidarity actions

For every glasses you buy you help a child . That is the philosophy on which MODO , an ecological sunglasses and prescription glasses firm, bases its line of action: education, inspiration, ecology. It demonstrates it with the production of its glasses and with the many activities that benefit those who need it most . We at Fernández Baca AUTOR have verified it for ourselves.

They have already helped more than a million children. Now, add and continue. To provide that support, MODO collaborates with, a global non-profit eye care organization to restore sight and prevent blindness.

This philosophy is also reflected in the production of its ECO line, glasses made with recycled material, defined by their lightness and durability and their elegant style. ECO glasses are the only ones made with 95% recycled content (Recycled Collection) or 63% biobased material (Biobased Collection).

Now they have presented their new models of ecological glasses such as Maringa or Didessa Aqua, made with 63% renewable non-food oil, certified by the USDA. For every pair of glasses sold, a tree is planted in the world.

The new from MODO stands out, once again, for its glasses with slim silhouettes, innovative materials and simple constructions. Always combining design and functionality without leaving aside the most optimal optical technology and comfort.

This is how the R1000 + TITANIUM collection was born, a combination of Resin 1000, a super-light and super-flexible memory plastic, and MODO's characteristic Beta Titanium 153. Thus, the frames are super resistant and always return to their original shape.

In addition, these sunglasses or prescription glasses use a screwless hinge. The exceptional strength and flexibility of the R 1000 has revolutionized aeronautical, scientific and technological processes; It is the one used in Formula 1 vehicles.

An example of this is the Modo 7019 VIOL , Modo 7018 TEAL or Modo 7013 .

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