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Gafas de ojo de gato vintage para 2019

Vintage Cat Eye Glasses for 2019

At Fernández Baca Autor we have prepared a selection of the latest in cat-eye glasses designed by expert Italian artisans and with an infallible style if you want to wear a vintage look at any time of the day.

Sunglasses Res Rei BRAMANTE

The Italian sunglasses firm Res Rei has dressed in scarlet red to create this model under the name of BRAMANTE. Of course, as a base, Mazuchelli acetate, and a unique design of cat-eye glasses based on the three-dimensionality of its front part. The lenses are dark gradient.

Res Rei stands out for its collections of fashion glasses representing artistic currents, cultural concepts or simply elements of nature. This sunglasses belongs to the Esculturas collection.

ECLIPSE sunglasses by DUKAR

From the collection of glasses made exclusively for Óptica Fernández Baca AUTOR comes the Eclipse model by Dukar. These cat-eye sunglasses stand out for the mixture of acetate colors in a frame made by hand in Italy.


This sunglasses is ideal for an outfit with a tight black suit jacket, accompanied by an asymmetrical black court shoe.

Sunglasses Essedue PRIMA PRIZE

Elegant cat eye sunglasses from the Italian firm Essedue. Vintage-style glasses with cellulose acetate and Teflon screws. It is one of the most popular models in the Autumn/Winter collection, especially in its blue edition. Light and resistant.

Sunglasses Silvian Heach OLIVIA

Olivia is the name of this Silvian Heach sunglasses, one of the latest additions to the Fernández Baca Autor catalogue. The fashion house founded its line of glasses in 2014 and it has been a success ever since.


This model of cat-eye glasses has cocktail lenses, with a dark gradient tone, and gold temples. Comfortable, light and highly durable.

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