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gafas persol polarizadas optica fernandez baca

Five advantages of polarized glasses

Reduces eye fatigue, they can be graduated, a wide variety of colors... These are some of the advantages of polarized glasses

Why choose a polarized sunglasses instead of one with standard lenses? A polarized glasses prevents us from losing vision when we are behind the wheel. It absorbs flashes of light thanks to special filters and reduces risks while driving, especially at certain times of the day. And these are not the only advantages of polarized glasses. We tell you some of the most important:

Improves sharpness and reduces eye fatigue when driving

Eye fatigue occurs when we make an effort to fix our eyes on a specific point for a long time, such as when we drive or read. It has nothing to do with the so-called presbyopia or tired eyesight.

Polarized glasses not only protect from excessive exposure to the sun and its effects, but also reduce the symptoms of eye fatigue: headache, red eyes...

Friends of athletes

Polarized glasses are, without a doubt, the best allies of fans of outdoor sports. Skiers, cyclists, golfers... they face glare and intense light as if they were just another competitor. This type of lens and its special coating protects and helps to achieve a 'top' result.

100% protection

Polarized glasses protect from ultraviolet radiation as much as any other. All Fernández Baca Óptica glasses offer maximum protection.

The key is that, in addition, avoid flashes at inopportune moments.


Polarized glasses can be graduated like any other glasses. The lenses can be adapted if you have myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia. Always with total protection against UV rays.

endless colors

One of the advantages of polarized glasses is that they are suitable for all types of people and offer a wide variety of lens colors. That allows you to choose the option that best suits your style without any problem. Ideally, the specialist should advise you and choose the best color and frame for your face.

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