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Necesito gafas progresivas. ¿Cuáles son las mejores?

I need progressive glasses. What are the best?

"I need progressive glasses ." If that is already clear to you, now the next step is to know what the key factors are when choosing them. The first is essential: go to specialized professionals who guarantee their quality and good adaptation. This is precisely one of the reasons for Fernández Baca 's success with progressives, but not the only one.

These are other issues that are taken into account for good progressives:

1. A correct graduation. Ideally, a professional should graduate you manually since it is capable of detecting details that the machine itself is not capable of. This avoids possible dizziness due to automatic hyper or hypocorrections. The optometrist optician will obtain a better optical correction from the user to have the clearest vision possible.

2. The choice of frame . Not always the one you like the most is the best option for your progressive glasses . A professional should advise you and assess aspects such as size, whether the frame is suitable for your graduation, the distance from your face... According to this, you can choose the one that best suits your style.

3. Taking action. It is as important as graduation. Nailing the optical centers of each lens (perfectly aligned with the pupil) is essential for a good result in your progressive glasses.

4. The choice of progressive . A standard progressive is not the same as a personalized one. What is the difference? When taking measurements, all the data is obtained (nasopupillary distance, frame caliber, pantoscopic angle, head inclination, etc.). Depending on the budget, the progressive will be more or less customized, choosing one range or another.

5. The assembly . The entire process is personalized and carried out carefully, from graduation to the material with which you work. At Fernández Baca we work with lenses from all manufacturers, mainly Hoya lenses, and high technology is used for beveling the lenses with extraordinary speed and reliability of execution. All thanks to Briot Alta Evolution , an evolved system, made in France, totally key in the assembly line.
Briot Alta Evolution optica fernandez baca

If you want to know more about your progressive glasses, visit us at Plaza de la Constitución, 12 or call 952 211 154.
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