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Diferencia entre gafas progresivas y bifocales

Difference Between Progressive and Bifocal Glasses

Why are progressive glasses better? What are the main differences compared to bifocals? At Óptica Fernández Baca we tell you the keys.

intermediate vision

Progressive glasses cover the near, far, and intermediate fields as well . That's the main difference. The lower part of the lens is graduated for near vision, the central part for intermediate vision, and the upper part for distance vision.

Minimum adaptation time

Since the adaptation is progressive, there is no "physical step" or "image jump" in the lens. This minimizes the adaptation time when you have your progressive glasses. However, bifocals are less aesthetic and more uncomfortable; for example, for those who use more computers since we are usually at an intermediate distance.

improves presbyopia

Presbyopia normally appears after the age of 40 and affects most of the population. Progressive glasses offer a more natural correction than bifocals.

At Óptica Fernández Baca we are specialists in progressive glasses with a 99% success rate in adapting this type of lens.

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