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Qué es la presbicia y cómo corregirla

What is presbyopia and how to correct it

Today we will tell you what presbyopia or tired eyesight is and what is the best option to correct it and prevent its effects from increasing

Presbyopia or tired eyesight hinders the ability to see objects up close clearly. It is a process of natural degeneration of the eye that usually appears after the age of 40. Today about 50% of Spaniards suffer from it, but only 10% do something to correct it.


What is the cause of presbyopia? The aging of the crystalline lens , located behind the iris, whose flexibility allows us to focus on nearby objects. It is common to see someone move away from a book or the mobile screen to try to read a text or small print. All these efforts cause a series of symptoms such as eye fatigue or headaches.

Normally this diagnosis is detected and confirmed by performing a complete eye examination. The optician and specialist Rafa Prado assures: "most patients report this sensation of blurring in near vision from one day to the next after their early forties. They should rest assured, it is something totally natural that can be corrected with glasses or even contact lenses".

Sometimes this leads us to not give it too much importance and buy low-quality glasses that end up causing negative effects.

"Pre-assembled glasses (also known as pharmacy glasses) are a very specific solution, for example: having lost your glasses at the airport. The abusive use of them will cause headaches and changes in the prescription due to the optical aberrations that the glasses present. injected lenses instead of carved ones" , explains the specialist at Óptica Fernández Baca, in addition to not taking into account the interpupillary distance of each patient or the simple fact of not considering the difference in graduation between each eye.

Presbyopia can also be associated with other pathologies such as myopia or hyperopia .

presbyopia treatment

Although many people do not give importance to presbyopia or tired eyesight, it is important to remedy it in time. If no treatment is applied, blurred vision and its detrimental effects increase.

The most important thing is that the optician recommends the perfect solution for each particular case (work, distance, time of use, environment...). There are many factors to assess.

  • A goggle only for close.
  • A far and near or progressive glasses that avoids the hassle of having two glasses and offers many stylish options.
  • A multifocal lens. The great bet for those who do not want to wear glasses.

the progressives

Progressive glasses use a single lens to see near, far and in between with complete clarity. They avoid having to use two glasses and provide comfort since the transition occurs in a completely natural way.

At Óptica Fernández Baca 1913 y Autor we use lenses with top quality frames and, in addition, we apply other treatments: standard anti-reflective, easy-to-clean anti-reflective, blue anti-reflective orprotectionfilter against blue light from screens and digital devices .

These treatments are applied compactly on the lens itself without being noticeable.

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